How are Lubbock’s children?

-Less than 1 in 3 children have the opportunity to participate in early learning prior to kindergarten.

-Approximately 1 in 3 children do not have the skill bases needed to start kindergarten.

-1 in 4 children are food insecure – they don’t know where their next meal is coming from.

-Almost 1 in 3 children live in poverty

-3 children per day become victims of child abuse and neglect.

What Can You Do to Support Our Efforts?

As a Lubbock Area United Way agency, the Parenting Cottage receives about 25% of its annual budget through the donors and supporters of United Way. But like every United Way agency, the Parenting Cottage is expected and required to also seek out other funding sources.

Please consider making the commitment to cherish the children by sharing either your time or treasure or both.

Our children are Lubbock’s future workforce, future decision makers and leaders. It’s up to us to insure they have access to early learning and a chance to grow and learn in healthy safe environments.

Our Board Member Fundraising Drive  will kick off in October and will continue through the end of December.  Board Members have a goal of raising $30,000 to support the mission of the Parenting Cottage.

For giving opportunities and options, contact Carla Olson, Executive Director at [email protected] or by calling 795-7552 or give online at our safe place Give Lively – for non profits.