Why what we are do matters:

In Lubbock County:

  • In 2021, five children died as a result of and neglect.

  • An average of 3 children per day are confirmed by investigation as victims of abuse and neglect nearly double the State average.

  • The majority of those children are 3 and under.

  • Domestic violence is twice the state average, resulting in over 4,500 cases.

  • Nearly 1 in 5 women age 18 and up live in poverty.

  • 20% of the entire population lives in poverty versus a State average percentage of population of 13.5%.

  • Living in poverty has a profoundly negative affect on children, including their educational success, physical and emotional well being.

  • A significant number of families experience food insecurity and near homelessness despite the hard work of the family and their efforts to escape poverty.

The Parenting Cottage’s programs support families to help ensure babies are born full term and healthy, children arrive at the door of kindergarten “school ready” and parents have the skills needed to meet their child’s developmental needs.

Families are served at no costs and benefit from research and evidence based education for parents, early learning for children as well as learning how to access and use community resources that will give their family a “hand up” in improving their family’s stability, resilience and ability to care for themselves.

92 cents of every dollar generated in 2020 went directly to programs for families. General and Administrative costs accounted for 8 cents.

What Can You Do to Support Our Efforts?

As a Lubbock Area United Way agency, the Parenting Cottage receives about 20% of its annual budget through the donors and supporters of United Way. As with every United Way agency, the Parenting Cottage is expected and required to also seek out other funding sources.

Please consider making the commitment to help the Parenting Cottage cherish the children by sharing either your time or treasure or both.

Our children are Lubbock’s future workforce, future decision makers and leaders. They need to have access to early learning and a chance to grow and learn in healthy safe environments.

Our annual Board Member Fundraising Drive kicks off each October and will continue through the end of December.  Board Members have raised over $300,000 in the last 9 years to support the mission of the Parenting Cottage.

You can give electronically from this website or contact Carla Olson, Executive Director at [email protected] or by calling 795-7552 for other giving options.

For secure and safe online giving:  https://secure.givelively.org/donate/parenting-cottage-inc