LOGO Working copyStarting in January of 2016, the Parenting Cottage in collaboration with community partners was awarded one of only seven contracts in the state through the Department of Prevention and and Early Intervention to provide a variety of wrap-around services to families with children prenatal to kindergarten entry.  Community partners on the project include Covenant Health Children’s Hospital, the Lubbock Area United Way, City of Lubbock Health Department and City of Wolfforth Police Department. Parents with children prenatal to kindergarten entry can begin the process of accessing services by email at:  [email protected]  or by calling the Parenting Cottage at 806-795-7552.

Program Details:

Vision for Lubbock County: Implement the program through three main objectives:
• Education-to serve the community at large and the targeted population
• Evidence based direct services-responsive to acute assessed needs
• Innovation and Research –supporting current needs and inspiring change for the future

Major Components of the Plan:
Universal Referral System –development of a universal referral form and process that allows parents to access the services provided by the 23 United Way agencies and other participating agencies through one central portal – the Parent Resource Center.
Multi-Layer Education program-utilizing both population based messaging and trusted healthcare professionals as messengers to deliver critical information on Safe Sleep, Shaken Baby, Purple Crying, Anti-partum and Post-partum depression. The education begins with the distribution of a “Parent Toolkit” contained in a canvas bag going home with every new parent delivering in Lubbock County. Included also will be the use of PSA.
Specialized client services – home visitation services that bring parenting education and early childhood development education into the individual family home with one-on-one learning opportunities taught by degreed professionals.
Specialized clinical services – targeted to inpatients to address anxiety and anti-partum depression which significantly impacts fetal development as well as the health of the mother. Will also include a research component.
Domestic Violence Navigation services –Lubbock County has a usually high rate of family violence including domestic violence. Women’s Protective Services and others work diligently to shelter and assist families affected in Lubbock but in many of the targeted rural communities in Lubbock County, women remain unaware of services within the City of Lubbock to assist them and their children. Utilizing a non-traditional approach of teaming with law enforcement entities—the services will work directly with victims and the rural communities to make them more aware of options and resources available in Lubbock for their assistance.
Innovative Community Based Components to support families- New Parent Support and Education Groups provided at hospitals, Faith Based parenting initiatives, School Readiness/Healthy Kids Community Fairs.
Child Abuse Awareness Month activities – Child Abuse Conference and community awareness activities