Parenting can be FUN, REWARDING and CHALLENGING…and it is the most important job you will ever do. Your child was born learning, and as a parents are a child’s first and most influential teacher.   90% of the brain’s growth occurs between birth and age 5.

The Parenting Cottage is here to support you…

Parents help shape their child’s future through the kind of experiences they provide. The Parenting Cottage utilizes the national recognized Parents as Teachers (PAT) evidence based curriculum and certified educators provide a FUN parent and child educational journey as well as a family support program. The program serves families from onset of pregnancy to kindergarten entry. Services are provided at no cost to participating families.  Services are available to families that reside in Lubbock County.

As part of the Parenting Cottage services, families will receive:

Biweekly Personal Visits—twice a month your personal parent educator will interact with you and your child with a planned visit where parents receive age-appropriate child development information and participate in parent-child activities designed to help parents and children learn.

Parent/Child Group Meetings—where parents will have opportunities to share information about parenting issues and child development, while learning and supporting each other.

Screenings—certified educators conduct assessments of the child’s overall development in language, thinking, social, emotional, and motor skills as well as basic health, hearing and vision.

Resource Networking—provides families with referrals to other community resources.

School Readiness-enhances social skills, language skills, cognitive abilities and literacy skills.

Please call our office at (806) 795-7552 for more information or to enroll.