Bright by Text (BBT) is a state of the art way for parents to receive useful, evidence-based parenting information, resources and info on local events related to families through a text message. The text message is geared specially to your child’s or children’s ages from birth to age 8.  Parents can choose to opt out of receiving texts at any time and it’s a FREE service.

If the text is on a subject or item that interests you can click on the text and it will send you to a landing page with more information, videos and other evidence based sources on the topic.

The Parenting Cottage has partnered with TTU-Public Media/PBS as the entities that Bright by Text has chosen to partner with to bring BBT to Lubbock County. Parents are really pleased with the innovative service with over 150 families in Lubbock County already signed up for BBT. It’s a safe and secure site–only your child’s age and date of birth is required to register.