In your child’s first five years…..their brain will experience 90% of its growth.

Years of evidence based research has yielded today’s parent the benefit of having the most reliable information ever available on young children and their patterns of growth and development. A child is born learning and continues to learn in many different ways.  One of the most important ways is through their interactions with their parent(s) and those around them.

The Parenting Cottage helps parents learn to be their child’s first & most important “teacher” through play and interactions. Parenting education in many different areas also helps parents appreciate many of the joys of parenting while also learning how to handle even the most challenging areas of parenting.

Our home visiting program serves families expecting a baby and also families with children up to age five. A certified educator comes to your home twice a month, at times scheduled for your family, to help “walk”  parents through their pregnancy, prepare for the birth of their child and then continues to provide support to parents along with age appropriate early childhood education for their child.

Certified educators perform developmental screenings–to see if your child is meeting age appropriate milestones that signal your child is where they should be for their age be in critical areas of development. Developmental domains include areas such as physical growth-fine and gross motor skills, social and emotional development, critical thinking skills and language development skills that will help prepare your child to be “school ready.”

Educators can also connect families with community resources that can assist with the family’s or the child’s needs.

Additionally, families have opportunities to meet other families and develop their child’s social and emotional skills through group activities such as Family Night, Storytime and special events held during the day as well as the evening.  Parents can also take a break and attend parent only events such as Smart Start.

As a Lubbock Area United Way Agency – the Parenting Cottage offers a full range of services for families in addition to home visiting.  All services are provided at NO COST to families choosing to participate.

Serving the South Plains area families since 1982.


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